Date: 4/10/2017

By Buttler.pola

i don't remember a lot and im on a hurry so im sorry if im losing some grammar i literal just woke up to write this down my dream is about exorcism me and my family are in the house then we all run out because there is some kind of shoot out outside but when we got out its just kids then there is a giant tv every one are invited to go out and watch but i returned home to get some foods when i returned somethings wrong with my house its haunted me and my sister and there's another person a guy where all been watching the house entrance we all see indescribable things actually it isn't my real house its my old house nobody lives there except to my dog and my grandma at that time im happy shes not there because the lights are turning off and on by itself doors opening and closing specially the front then we decided to do exorcism because i saw in the mirror that my mickey mouse doll is smilling (luckily i don't have a mickey mouse one in my bed right now) then i told my sister and the other guy to stay and help me so i search for my bible and started saying verses i dont know what to say but words of latin start coming out of my mouth then after i translate it in english it is indeed tiring (i did felt it my whole body are shaking while chanting) then i place my red plastic rosary at the top of the doll and the doll scream and the demon is gone and i woke up but while im chanting before in my dreams i know myself im not very much close to god i keep on saying things mean things about him like i know him a lot but at that moment the demon is possessing me i know because dark and terible things are coming inside me but i shake it off and remember my good memories i made with my family, my friends and my boyfriend.