Date: 3/3/2017

By bratfacebrattington

I had just fallen asleep, on the phone with patrick. - it was my room, (grandmas basement) it was against the right wall. three hats hanging two raised higher than one. the one that was lower (and in the middle) also had a shirt underneath it. it was set up manikin style. in my dream I was lying down on my bed, and had looked over at the wall and then the shirt started acting like it was blowing in the wind. and the arm holes were stretched like they were being worn. i remember thinking to myself because of my feelings of the impact of negative and positive energy, "don't worry just breathe, don't be scared. If it is some kind of..i don't know, spirit, then that's cool anyways don't be scared" but after I said that it started to flap and thrash violently and really seemed like whatever was going on was not good and I was scared as fuck. and so since patrick and I had fallen asleep on the phone that night, in my dream I remember trying to wake up thinking I knew patrick would be there so i started trying to call his name. It was a success