Don’t leave your windows down at a red light 😢

Date: 9/28/2019

By novale

So this dream happen after drinking beers and falling asleep very drunk so ..bare with me.. my sister , her bf and my significant other and I where all traveling back north from a city in our area ( for some reason we just got two black cocker spaniels.. two females names Joey and Tommy )..and my sisters bf had his window down and a male reached in from the out side into the back seat floor to grab my significant other’s phone but I was quick enough to grab his wrist and make him drop it , he chuckled and left his arm in the car . For some reason the car was off at a red light that felt like centuries. There where two there other people with him but I don’t really see them . Anyway, He takes his arm out and starts to leave laughing. I start yelling at my sisters bf to start driving but he looked like he was sleeping or just moving extremely slow . (Sidebar : I’ve had close to the same dream before just with different people and a different location) . The guy came back with a smile on his face as he loads a small machine gun. I’m yelling at my sisters bf to drive but he honestly looked like a sloth trying to find the key. It didn’t mater because it was to late . The guy with a big smile on his face points the gun to my significant other . I jump in front and start yelling “ NO ,ME INSTEAD, DRIVE DRIVE !” . The guy heard me and started putting holes in the car around the tires and shot up the car. He put the gun back up at us and I woke up .. don’t drive with the windows down .