The plant behind the couch

Date: 8/23/2019

By DaydreamRadio

The previous owners of the apartment my mom lives in left some plants in the living room. They have a cream sofa that's perpendicular to the window where the plants hang. The pet in the house, a cat or small carnivorous creature, finds a long green stem behind the couch. It pulls it to the rug with its teeth. I'm not sure why no one had looked for the plant before and this is the second time the cat got into the leaves. I move the couch and find the rest of the plant there in a small hanging planter. I offer to hang it up above the window with the others. It has two strings on hooks. My mom doesn't like the initial placement so I move it closer to the window. She likes that better. There's a point where we're looking at houses and there's one that seems impossibly big with a "low ceiling guest house." I see the kitchen which doesn't seemingly have a very low ceiling, but it's lower than the other house but a few inches. There are strange, warm, florescent lights in the entire ceiling. It's modern but it feels almost cold. The lights are almost bronze in color and there's a stove at the end of the kitchen. It's more like a strange passageway