Grandmothers house and the key

Date: 7/2/2019

By paulnotpauly

Grandmothers house and the key. Begin: at a time, a bicycle mechanic job from a couple of years ago. I was on my way to work but could not get there or stay there very well. Like a magnet was drawing me away. My job for the day or week was to build two Worksmen tricycles. I had already built one and it was very easy. I knew I could bang out the second in 20 minutes but couldn’t get to the space where I would work. Instead, I would find myself driving around, picking up breakfast and then lunch. My coworker was there, he thought it funny, my situation and we both laughed. He teased me to go back to work, after all I had been out for 6 hours doing my own thing on their dime. I would have gotten away with it. I weighed his plea with my intuition and decided that: if I get fired, that would be ok, not desired but ok....I left it to the universe. I find myself in my grandmothers house, it’s quiet, peaceful. I hear a whisper in my ear, I’m all alone, nowhere to be. “Go to the bathroom, there is a hidden box, in the box is a receipt from an asylum and a key”. I enter the bathroom, there is tile everywhere and the bathroom is very clean. I begin looking and my coworker comes in, it was another impassioned plea to return to work: it’s easy work, 20 min and get paid for 1 week. This time I barely desired to return, knowing my fate was in another direction. I found myself staring at the mirror, looking at myself, at this time and place, contemplatively. An epiphany, move the mirror to the left. It easily moved, as if it was a sliding closet door. Immediately I notice that there was a hiding place built into the wall, and was behind the mirror the whole time. In there I found, a rolled up receipt, a gold key (looked like a house key) and a handful of various change, silver, bronze, gold. I found myself staring, pondering the key in my left hand. WAKEUP: