Adventures Under the Stars

Date: 5/28/2017

By LionFoot65

I'm with my dad and we're going to different restaurant and buying different foods. We go to McDonalds first to buy some kind of drinks, after that we go to this sandwich restaurant (?) and decide to Wing Stop until some of my friends pick me up at night and one of them is my friend Tony and as we're driving down the road we can see the stars ✨ which look really beautiful because i see red clouds of nebula? And patches of stars close together as well and for some reason I also see a fairy flying by our car carrying a magic wand with a star ⭐️ shape at the end lol. There's also this other little blonde girl who I'm cool with and she says she's a star child or something. Next Scene: I'm riding my bike and I let two friends my age ride at the same time with me behind me. As we're riding, I'm swerving past cars and other bikes on steep hills and curves so as not to get ourselves dream killed lol. After a while we decide that it would be a really awesome to race some people so we get off our bikes to set it up somehow and all of sudden a bunch of bikers from all ages start showing up from nowhere. After that I try to find my bike but I can't seem to find it until I see my friend Tyler get on and starts riding off without me. Idk why I don't get on another bike to go after him but maybe it's because there aren't any bikes left. Frustrated, I start walking in the direction that he went until I get to this skatepark place and luckily I see these cops there and I ask them if they saw a blonde guy riding a bike through here and they ask what kind of bike I have and before I answer they ask if it's a Land Rider and I say yeah. As I walk through the park I see people shooting rocks at each other from these toy guns that certain children parks have after that I see my friend playfully throw a charcoal that keeps breaking when it hits the ground and I throw it back at him playfully. Next Scene: I bring my bike and some charcoal back to our apartment and my brother brings home this little kitty called Matt to our apartment and my cat Theo gets along with him. After that I start drinking this vanilla latte with Oreos which I spill and clean up afterward.