Cold food, small Microwave & [Redacted]." was back and had a photo of "that girl".

Date: 4/6/2017

By richilye

I had like 5 or 6 dreams this night. In which 3 was about [Redacted]." coming back, 1 about me waking up at 1PM late for work and 1 about cold food and I forgot 1. ------ Cold food at restaurant- ---- I was at an restaurant or café with my family, the food arrived and mine was rice and sausage, it was in a white plate, but my food was cold, so a guy who was with us took me with his car to an apartment that looked like my old grandmother is apartment. I went up and to the kitchen. The guy wanted to go back fast, he was pressing me to hurry it up. I went to the microwave and tried to open the door,it got blocked by something and didn't let it open fully, in fact it was just a small part, and the microwave was a bit smaller than the usual, I had to tilt my plate a bit in a diagonal manner to put it inside, dropping a bit of food in the process. there was more food dropped inside the microwave, a lot of rice and a little bit of meat, I picked my part back and put it in the plate again, picking a bit of the dropped rice in the process. I set the microwave for around 30 secs or 1 min. I told the guy and he took me back to the restaurant in his bike... Upon arriving, I remembered that I forgot my food in the microwave. My mom decides to go in my place with the guy, she roped in the back of the bike, then she noticed that the guy was short and picked him up and started swinging him like a child and she kept telling ys how he was shorter than her. --------- Scene change 🎬. --------- I was using my facebook when [Redacted]." appeared online, she was back, then I hovered over her name to open the chat and the hover card of her profile popped up and in it showed 2 photos, 1 being "that girl" (the one that appears in most of my dreams and doesn't vanish like the others) and 1 being like a landscape image/picture, the land scape was like water with big green leaves on top, the sky was blue. I was using my dark facebook skin, while in other dreams I used the default facebook skin. End.