Date: 7/12/2019

By Cuaiire

Since the yst, 11 July 2019, I have been having bad dreams getting like sleep paralysis, being like I dream of myself sleeping but I can't move at all the first nite and I was sleeping,but something was behind me like a monster or something just the demonic sensation. Then I could only control my breathing thus I breath hardly to get my grandmother's attention i thought it didn't work until I work up. It happened again last nite just that this time I know I am moving my arms forcefully but it's like they are not there, and this time I could see a white figure standing infront of me, I was shocked out of my minds and cover myself with my pillow while I tried screaming for help, then I start to realize I was in a dream and tried to wake myself up by hitting myself, by everytime I do so I don't feel anything. Then I started being confident and realized my right eye was shut close, thus I tried opening it with my hand but my hand couldn't be seen but I can feel it. I then did the same thing again by breathing hardly and I could feel the white figure standing infront of me. I can tried to shock myself just to wake myself up. Once I actually thought I woken up, I actually then continued waking up 2 to 4 times until I actually heard my alarm go off and then that's when I woke up in relief.