abandonment then stalker

Date: 6/8/2019

By yourheavenlydemon

first part was i was hanging out with old friends anna Rob and justin, havent done that in years. i seen anna an rob yesterday for a bit tho. havent seen justin at all. -- second part i had moms car keys but anna didnt wanna hang i guess so i asked dad on the side of mawmaw pattis porch for food money, but before that deston was tryna hang off a rope on the porch that would literally hang him and i remember telling my ppl "do you not have any brain cells that will hang him" but i got money from dad and ig i left because i was in a neighborhood i didn't recognize and mom dad brittany jake my whole family were taking off in their cars for what felt like a funeral and didnt acknowledge me even as i screamed for brittany because she left last. {i couldn't control nothing in this dream nothing was able to be altered by myself it just played through.} i had moms keys still and was looking for her car with my phone flash, nobody was picking up when i called. but as i was walking i seen one homeless creature human thing on the floor but i dont think it was the same man/thing that followed me trying to harm me trying to steal my keys out my hand. i tried snapping its neck, left and right. nothing. it was with me when the scene of where i was switched back to my grandma's house and i was looking at her carpet last, and i know it was still there