Date: 5/30/2019

By TeehAhmed

I was waiting to get into heaven in Gamlebyen. I went through checks and stuff and aliens checked my passport, and i was finally accepted into heaven. Me and Noah went on a bus that transportef us to heaven, and on the way we saw out confused friends who were accepted but didnt know where to go. I tried to call Elsiabeth because she was confused and tell her to get on the bus, but my phone now had limited apps and stuff. When we got into heaven, there was a big entrance with lots of Peach/Passion soda machines to the sides if you were thirsty. It kinda looked like those entrances to airplanes. When you got in, it looked like the 9/11 museum in New York/Leo’s Lekeland. There were lots of objects and the sky was dark and starry. It was extremely beautiful. I took lots of pictures jumping and videotaping everything to show my parents (but i had a slight suspicion that the videos wouldn’t be saved because people didn’t want to spread footage of heaven to people that aren’t there). After going through the amazing dark marble and other attractions, there was another airplane entrance. Me and Noah went through there and took the elevator, and Noah was calling someone. We got out and parted our ways, and now there were lots of games in there. I wanted to look for one of my old friends using an iPad to search for them in heaven, but there were some technical difficulties and i gave up. Some areas looked like the old videogame Spyro 3 on the PS1. I remember teling everyone in my dream that I had dreamt about this place before and being really excited. Someone took my passport later and i was teleported to Gamlebyen again. I talked to the aliens and stuff, and they helped me. Then I biked really wuickly through Ganlebyen to the ferry, and i finally cane back into heaven after a long time. I saw that my friends were leaving to their rooms, but Elisabeth and Lea were finally in and I went with them. I’m really happy because this was an awesome dream.