Date: 9/21/2019

By UniqueStarque

I've just joined a college dorm and it's like a maze, I have a hard time finding where I'm going. It's full of so many things, so many books. They have a book series that looks similar to mine. I wonder how much junk has piled up over the years of students coming and going. I soon realize that every student has a chore in the house/dorms, whether it's to tidy things up, clean, ect.. they soon show me my bed, which is separate from the others. Most beds are next to at least one other bed.  My bed has so much storage space and it's jam packs with other people's clothing. So they quickly clear it up and now I have a bed. But as it's cleared, it suddenly is replaced with a large tall glass tank of water. I get in. Someone drops a necklace in, so I swing to the bottom with excellent skill and retreive it for her. Everyone is impressed, so next someone purposely drops a necklace made of multiple strands and tiny beads, but this time the necklace has loose ends so the beads spread at the bottom of the pool as I try to gather them. I don't seem to be running out of breath, so they think I'm special because of my skill. Gathering the beads and the necklace is taking a while, and eventually I come up with most of it but not all. As I surface, all but one person had left. That person tells me everyone got bored and left. I hadn't realized I was in there that long.