the girl in the matrix

Date: 5/29/2017

By Squids

had a dream last night that my family and i were vacationing somewhere and there was a really big convention in town at the local college. i got bored and wandered off into an area where no one was at - it looked run down and old, and was set to soon be completely remodeled. after going through some closed off areas, i found myself in a massive auditorium with a stage and rows upon rows of red seats. and up on stage was a smiling girl. she performed something, i don't remember what exactly, and i was enthralled. after she was done she came down into the row of seats i was sitting in and sat down next to me. we hit it off instantly and talked for hours. toward the end though, i began to notice little things were out of place. her movements weren't quite right or didn't quite bend the way a normal body would. it wasn't till the end that finally her arm distended and stretched out to look almost monstrous. i tried to get up and run away but she stopped me to explain, looking embarrassed. apparently, her attachment to this dimension was getting weaker and weaker. i got the feeling she wanted to be free but at the same time she seemed a bit sad. i was sad too, since she explained to me that, since i 'woke her up' again by coming into the auditorium, she would only have three days left here, two now that we had spent the first.. i was determined to spend them with her, even though she would be becoming more monstrous over the days. the next day i went to go get her, since i wanted to try to take her around the town and spend time with her that way. i took her to where my family was staying and tried to wear something cute to impress her. thats where i figured out that, since i was the one who woke her, i was the only one who could see her. we went around town and the convention, having a good time, even as the 'glitching' got worse and worse. we went back to the auditorium and i think we kissed (??) and were very sad that tomorrow was our last day together, but it needed to happen. the next day i woke up sad. today was the last day my family would be here and we'd be leaving in the morning. i got up and got ready and headed to the convention with my mom and friend. all i could think about was seeing her on her last day here. that is until an ugly old man held the three of us at gun point and kidnapped us. he took us away from the college and kept rambling on and on about something i don't remember. while my mom and friend were terrified and waiting for the police to come get us, i was furious that this guy had the audacity to keep me from my last day with the girl and plotted ways to take him out and get us back over there. when the police finally showed up and arrested him we were all surprised and i was mad that i didn't get the chance to beat him up myself. i took it out with a baseball bat to the shed walls. i ran desperately back to the college and went into a hall where i figured my roommate was at, as i had told her everything about this girl. i wanted to tell her what was going on but couldn't find her and everyone was trying to talk to me cause they had barely seen me over the weekend. all i wanted was to get back to the auditorium. i finally ran out of there and made a b line through construction and the tight areas i had to get through to get into the auditorium. when i finally got in, she wasn't even human anymore, just a mass of glitching polygons taking up the vast majority of the massive room. i explained to her what happened and that i was sorry i wasn't able to make it till her time was almost up. she was able to condense herself back into a human body, though it was temporary, and said that she understood and was glad i was here now. she said she'd miss me and it was this bittersweet moment because i'd miss her too, but this way she was free again too. finally, we said our goodbyes and she disappeared. the next morning i woke up and packed my things, and was in a very melancholy mood. my family was worried but didn't say much. i walked around the grounds again, retracing where we'd been when i'd brought her out here.