mermaid and polluted ocean

Date: 6/25/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt there was a beautiful mermaid swimming in a very pretty dark blue ocean. At some point she met a man who fell in love with her and he decided to follow her deeper into the ocean in a boat or submarine of some sort. Then the dream shifted and i as with some classmates on a large boat house on the ocean. The waves were nice and dark blue. Everyone was outside on some pool floaters enjoying the scenery but i didnt want to go out cos i was slightly afraid. After a while i decided to climb to the top of the boat to peek at the ocean from above at a safe distance. There was a strange green ugly powder that was spreading throughout the sea. Someone said that it was the mans submarine that was polluting it. His love for the mermaid was killing the ocean. I wondered why he didnt think of this and just left the mermaid alone but it didnt seem like he was coming back. Some time passed and the ocean was very dark and murkey with an ugly dark green color. There was a huge mud wave or tsunami that was going to crush us and everyone panicked. I went inside and told the girls we would have a better chance of surviving if we stayed inside. But then the water was a black goo that was seeping inside the boat and it swallowed a girl whole. Scared, i ran away from the goo and threw myself outside instead. Just as i was about to hit the black goo goo water i was surprised to see that it had hardened into dark dried mud so i could walk on it. The whole sea was like that and we walked around for some time. Some parts of the sea were still clear and pretty but the rest was dried dead mud. We had to cross over a bridge thing that had holes and under it were shadows swimming around that looked like sharks. Some people fell in and got eaten so i didnt want to cross it. Instead i stayed on the dried mud and searched for the submarine to tell the man what his love for the mermaid had done. Then i woke up.