I Still Dream About You

Date: 2/3/2017

By johnmikegs

Me and a couple of friends were kinda deciding where to go for beach week. I was hyped! Even though I knew it was a good 3 months away... A few of us decided to go over to some lake house or a beach house and others wanted to stay in like a hotel. Days and days passed and the date came closer and closer. It was gonna be fine since it was only gonna be a couple of friends, but I forgot that my crush was coming along and I would feel a bit awkward since she knows I like her. Time went on and I spent most of it thinking if I wanted to actually go and just be alright or not going and miss it. As I waited and waited I realized that it was the next day and I kinda needed to be ready. So I decided I was going and started packing. Two of our friends drove all of us since we never got cars yet so each car was a little crammed, but at the end it was worth it. We got out and saw the house and god did it look amazing. It was basically on the beach, that's how close it was. We all got our stuff and got ready to settle down. I was kinda fast since I liked getting everything down. It gave me time to cook since we got there around the time dinner would start so while everyone was unpacking I was starting to cook. I heard the floor boards creek as someone was going down the stairs. I was happy to know it was gonna be a friend that I could like chill with while I wait, but surprise surprise it was my crush. It was really awkward and quiet, but I asked her if she wanted to help. She agreed and started helping me get the food going. At some points we'd be walking in the same directions and almost bump into each other or maybe trying to grab an ingredient or kitchen utensil and accidentally touch each other's hand. By the time everyone was done getting their stuff ready, the dinner was ready. It would have been nice to eat inside, but in the kitchen there was a sliding door that lead to the beach and we all decided to grab some beach chairs and towels to eat over there. We needed to start a fire to have something heat us up while the sun sets and the temperature drop. Me and a few people gathered some logs and sticks or some leaves and luckily for me I had a lighter. A few people went back in to sleep while I, I kinda stayed outside listening to the fire crackling and the ocean waves while looking at the stars. Soon enough I realized that I was the only one outside. It was about 11 or so and it was really dark, but the way that the moon reflected off the ocean waves made me feel like it was still a bit early. I was relaxing thinking how fun this would be, but than all of a sudden I felt as if someone was watching me. I brushed it off as if it was nothing, but I couldn't get rid of this weird feeling. I left it alone, but all of a sudden I ended up getting shook and when I looked to see who it was, apparently it was my crush and she was telling me to come inside or I would catch a cold. I paused for a while and thought about it. She sat down next to me and we talked about life for a bit. How things are gonna be changing a lot since we graduated and are headed to colleges pretty soon. I zoned out and can still hear her, but I couldn't make out the words she was saying. All I could think about was how I wouldn't really see anyone again in a really long time. We eventually got up and went back inside and she gave me a hug, before going back into her room. The times passed and I can see all the fun we're having and by the time I knew it, it was the last day of beach week. Me we're getting ready to go to some party. It was raining and I kinda sat outside in this pavilion like building where I could hear the rain and feel the cool air seep in. I was looking at the water as it fell, but turned around to see my crush on the opposite side leaning against the wall. She waved at me and I walked over. We started to slide down against the wall to sit, and I was eventually right next to her to the point where I was leaning on her. I knew I shouldn't do it since it would make things awkward for her so I decided to move away a bit and than turned to her and gave her a smile to show I was a bit confused and at the same time saying I was sorry. She didn't care, she slid over to me wrapped herself around my arm and leaned on me. I understood that this wasn't some commitment, it was just her way of saying that no matter what we will be close. I accepted that and knew that it wouldn't be anything more. Eventually our friends came out and saw us and decided we should all hug and take a group photo to commemorate beach week. The End.