Lost girl with Harry Styles?

Date: 4/20/2017

By cleerev

(I typically listen to alternative rock music so having dreams with these pop stars is really weird.) I was in a hotel, running from something. Now this hotel has appeared in dreams before so I wasn't too confused. But anyways, the doors didn't have locks on them so I just ran into one. Harry Styles is sitting in a chair by a window reading and says, "I think you're in the wrong room, love." I didn't react, all I could seem to focus on was not collapsing. I took the rest of the energy I had and laid down in the bed. "Love, that's my bed." He seemed very patient with me and didn't move me. As I lay there, Louis Tomlinson gets out of his bed and looks down at me, but didn't seem to think much of it. Later, I am still in the bed, and Harry seems to be explaining the situation to Louis. I sit up, and Louis asks what happened. I didn't even explain. It's like he could read my mind. I was hiding from people who wanted to hurt me. They both said that I would be safe with them and I fell 'asleep' on Louis. Then, the three of us went somewhere and my POV switched. There were two men, who looked similar to Louis and Harry, putting on the same clothes as them and getting into the beds. One had a knife, the other a gun. I think I separated from the two, and went back to the room, completely unsuspecting. Then I woke up.