Dodging Love and Smelling Shit

Date: 3/28/2017

By Fitful

I was part of a news story in television and I was also with the new anchor who was giving his report through the television. As they talked about the story I would be there, and when they stopped I was back with the news anchor. He had to take a shit and so went off to the toilet, still giving his news story, talking in that news anchor voice and chatting with the female news anchor on the television. I watched him, I don't think I had a choice the dream panned to him, and I did wonder how he could step off camera long enough to take a shit. And it was a long time, he kept sitting there giving his new report with the female reporter on the television. I smelled the shit, it was strong and took over the whole apartment, and made the air heavy with it. I was really grossed out. It stayed there in the air a long time and I just kept staying in that dream. ----- I was on a train, running around, hiding. I think I was a stow away. I kept trying to get off but I couldn't. Finally this guy caught me, this black guy who worked the train. He locked me up and I kept trying to get away from him but that proved even more futile. After a whole day of trying to escape he got off work, and so did his friend the conductor. They found me having tried to escape again and the guy said if I had he would have had to contact everyone to find me, even the underground. We got in a car and drove. He kept telling me he loved me, all these nice things about me, and decided we were going to have sex while he downshifted the car and let it coast down hill. It was a long way down, and I had the thought that didn't seem safe. His friend the conductor bitched good naturedly about having to work all day and then still have to drive but he got into the drivers seat. I wondered if the guy who was getting undressed to have sex with me was really old, like 90. He didn't look it, more like 40, but I wondered if he secretly was. He kept pouring on compliments and I kept shying away from them and him. I felt like I was trying to climb out the wall of the car I was so pressed into it. - We stopped at a church because I complained about being weak from hunger. I think it was just a ploy to get away. But he took it seriously. The church had this restaurant cafeteria and a woman upstairs told me to go get a secret apple pie, in a cupboard downstairs. I went down and the cafeteria was very nice, like a restaurant for real, but I noticed none of the people were paying for their food, they just kept getting some. There were people ecstatic over the food, as if they hadn't eaten in days some even exclaimed they didn't have to pay for it. I was really hungry too, but too shy too reluctant to go eat. I did speak with a few people about the apple pie but I felt too self conscious and when they insisted I eat peaches, which was the dessert being served that day, I declined. Then the women from upstairs came down and tried to help me by seeing if I ate, and if I ate the apple pie, etc. I tried to avoid them.