Driving away from 2 boys, being chased

Date: 7/8/2017

By Unleashed805

3:20 pm I was at home with 2 other guys around my age. I had a bad feeling about them, like they were plotting something against me, so when they went to my mom and dads bathroom to pee I left and went down the stairs, into the garage, and then I opened the garage door and went in my moms 2014 Honda Odyssey van and drove off. I think they were following me. At this point I felt like I was controlling the car I was in like I was playing a video game, it looked exactly like midnight club LA, one of my PSP games that I used to play a lot back in my middle school years. So I was in some sort of chase mode where the 2 boys were driving after me and I had to put as much distance from them as I could. I twisted and turned at as much intersections as possible but they kept tailing me fairly closely. Eventually I woke up before they could get to me