Boobs and Inception

Date: 3/6/2019

By awesomepossum

I was in a Battlefield game looking at naked chicks laying on the ground in an alley while gunfire went off in the street. One girl was glitching out and her hand was a huge boob and it was clipping into her head. Next scene I was in an abandoned school like building with a cast of quirky Danganronpa-esque characters. After some boring stuff we played hide and seek. It was here I became aware in the dream that I was dreaming, so I sought out the best overall girl to have sex with (for Danganronpa fans, she looked like Junko but with bigger boobs). I knew I didn't have enough power to change the dream (make her naked on her own), so I was going to have to rape her instead. I grabbed a box cutter off a desk but then got stopped by her father, who seemed to know what I had in mind. He grabbed a shank the size of my dick and threatened to shove it up it. He then grabbed me close and fingered my butthole, which felt REALLY bad (IRL almost) and I broke free. I woke up to the next dream layer where I was late for work and started to panic. That led me to waking up in real life scared of being late.