Away From Dallas

Date: 2/20/2017

By katjbooson

My boyfriend, David, and I were in this video game/sims-esque reality. His brother's apartment was super cool and we wanted to bring it with us to wherever we were moving. We were flying and I asked him if there was anything from in the apartment he wanted me to put in my inventory to be super sure it wouldn't be destroyed when we crash landed. He was taking a long time to think so I said "hey, we're moving away from Dallas now, you need to decide soon." We decided to set the apartment down somewhere so we could go in and decide. We decided we wanted to take his bed because it was SUPER dope, and I asked "anything else?" and he said "no, I want to build the rest with you for the rest of our lives." It was sweet. We laid in bed together for a while longer, I made a copy to put in my inventory, and then we flew away to who knows where across the ocean.