My Ex-Bestfriend

Date: 8/5/2017

By srey798

So, it was one of those types of dreams that you could barely remember the next morning. Basically what I remembered is one minute she is at my door, the next she has a large kitchen knife in her hand. Two men were behind her, and she started going for my wrists and neck. She happened to make a gash on the side of my neck, and all I could do was run. I managed to get on a bus, and the doors closed on her - but there was no bus driver. The bus was driving itself. Ultimately, I ended up at a museum and was running around holding my neck while blood was dripping on the white tiles. I was wheezing and gasping for air, slurring the words "help me" but no one was there besides the art. Suddenly, my old best friend popped up and starting swinging the knife at me again and got me right on the wrist. I was running and stumbling. I fell on my knees and was breathing heavily. That's all I could remember. Keep in mind, I haven't seen my old best friend or thought about her since my freshmen year of high school. This isn't the first time I had these types of dreams.