Brother worries

Date: 6/17/2017

By calf18

I dreamt that my father and brother were training me on being a delivery driver. I dreamt that we were delivering to a store and were due to leave but I got stuck trying to close on the cages. Then another delivery driver turned up and was getting irate because he had to wait. I told my brother to come and sort the cage out because the man was getting angry so he did. Then the man started shouting 'he gave you the form and hour ago why are you still here I can't do my job til you move!' My bother ignored him but the man kept on shouting and getting closer to my brother. Then he flicked his face. My brother saw red and punched the man in the face a brawl broke out. My dad was just standing there as if frozen in time. No reaction or anything. So I jumped on the man to get him away from my brother but he threw me to the floor and I woke up :(