Tootsie rolls and a scavenger hunt

Date: 3/26/2017

By Smidge_Midge

So I was at my cousins house and they have a huge property. (We used to play hide and seek all the time) we decided to have a scavenger hunt with sticky notes and it was my turn to hide them. I hid them all over the property mostly in my papas garage. Then they went and found them my older cousin finding most. Then people gave up even tho there were a couple more to find and they went to this kitty pool full of candy and I saw this really really REALLY big tootsie roll. I asked if I could have it and then took it. I ate the tootsie roll but as I kept eating it turned into a Milky Way and I don't really like Milky Way but I kept eating and my teeth started to hurt. My cousin found the last two stickies and got in a fight with my little cousin. Then I woke up.