Lizard Attack!

Date: 5/9/2017

By ace200

I was then told I had to ride the bus home from school. I was surprised because I always walk. Caitlyn and I got on and I was like "Wow, I haven't been on a school bus in two years." I told Caitlyn about the job interview I got, but she didn't care. We were driven to like Toys R Us where a bunch of people were outside wearing snow gear. Our bus driver, a teenager, was like everyone stay in your seats. Then, we saw the people were in chaos because these bright colored lizards with shapes on their backs, ranging from the size of my hand and my head, were chasing people. The bus doors opened and lizards started jumping in. Apparently they were roaring hot and would burn you if they touched you, so they jumped at the bus driver and she screamed. I figured the snow gear people were wearing was to cover them from the lizards. Caitlyn was wearing gloves so she started picking up the lizards and throwing out the bus, but more kept coming. I called at Caitlyn to throw me a glove, but she didn't.