about to escape town and became lucid

Date: 2/25/2017

By katatron4000

So it takes place in a fallout version of my hometown (like buildings are falling apart and all that) and I invite my friends over to my place. Suddenly a siren sounds and we have to escape in these tiny escape pods. I decided that's not necessary so I find my dad and he's at his airplane (he owns an airplane and has a pilots license irl). Because of the sirens he can't take it to the airport to take off and fly so he tries to take off in the middle of the street with lots of people walking by (they didn't seem to react to the sirens) and they moved out of the way as we passed by, except 2 which were wearing animal costumes, they got killed by the prop. My dad stopped and told me this isn't a good idea. Then I realized it was dreaming and I told him "it's ok, this is only a dream so I get to do whatever I want!" So I jumped out of the plane and with a snap of a finger I was able to make those two people spawn back, they fell from the sky like it was goat simulator. I ran down the street starting to go out of the town until the dream started destabilizing. I tried all I could to get the dream to stabilize, rubbing my hands together, stomping my feet, yelling "CLARITY" Nothing worked then I woke up.