Date: 2/10/2017

By Milk

In my dream we were moving into the new house. I was packung my belongings, or unpacking them, and found Cats that we thought had been lost or dead. Linz and I were so happy. Mom was at her office in town, and Linz and I were at the new home. We kept finding things that made us laugh. I started playing Darksouls. I encountered a monster that I couldnt beat, I had been using lightning magic and it was making him stronger. I tried to run away, but he followed me. When he was chasing me, i encountered a boss, and the monsters fused into a huge undead dragon. Lindsay logged in, and her character was a much higher level. She fought it and beat it, but when she beat it, it defused and as she fought one monster the other killed me with one hit. I respawned at a dark, scary castle. I didnt know where I was. I tried to summon ghastly for help, but it didnt work. I heard ominous classical music and singing. At one point though I looked up and the sky was blue, and the castle was far off in the distance. I was in a garden, and fruits were growing and just starting to bud. Everything was overgrown, but in good health. There were bugs, but I remember thinking when I cut back the foliage I could spray pesticides. I remembered seeing a recipe online for essential oils that repel bugs. It was so beautiful. There were raspberries and strawberries and melons and tomatos and ivy with bushles of fruit and flowers. The fruit was still green, but they were large and healthy. I walked around and realized I was behind the new house. I just circled around and went through the front door. Linz was in her room, and apologized for letting die. I told her it was fine and it was just a game, and when I respawned I found a pretty garden out back. I went to the bathroom, and I heard her talking and a speaker was in the bathroom next to the toilet. We laughed and said this house was so strange.