My Brother's Dad Tried to Kill Me

Date: 6/17/2019

By moonchild957

I was back at my old house and suddenly heard voices and crunching of rocks. I turned out my lights in my room and soon peeked through the blinds to see him. My brother's deadbeat of a dad. He was walking around the the front yard with phone at hand in which he soon threw down at the ground out of frustration. My hands trembled anfd grasped my phone tightly as soon as I was about to text my mom I was spotted. He ran at the window and called my name, telling me to let him in. I refused so then he resorted to breaking my window. I ran out my room and hid in my brother's hiding under his bed and called 9-1-1. What seemed like forever ended since what seemed to be a different man than my brother's dad walking into the room. He took three steps then bent down staring at me. I was in shock that he found me, I froze unable to think of what to do until he spoke. "Come on out, I won't hurt you. It must be cramped in there". His voice was very gentle but it was fake gentle. I winded up crawling out from under the bed since I knew I was already caught. He walked out the room and I followed suit just to see my brother's dad standing there. I revealed to him i called the police and there wss nothing he could do. So without a beat missed he responded nonchalantly, "Well we just have to get rid of the evidence then". Suddenly I was lunged at, I ran to the kitchen and grasped a kitchen knife. He continued to pursue me and I stabbed him. I continued till he fell, then sat my weight on top of him and kept stabbing him. Then I simply woke up lol