Wet Dream & a toxic world

Date: 5/13/2017

By ale_duce

I was with my team of high level IQ, we were on a mission to get out citizens safely out of the world as it was the only chance of survival for the human kind. All our citizens were in a massive bus, and coincidently () was siting behind me, I knew he had something with another member of my team (), everyone was asleep and () and I started jokingly flirting with each other when suddenly it lead to something more and even tho he couldn't see me at that time, being a behaviorist he knew what I liked, he grabbed my thighs and started going up, the feeling of starving at that point was unstoppable and I knew I HAD to get more, he started playing around with my clit and I tried stopping myself from moaning, he then went under my short pajama pants and when I realized what was happening I was pushing my arms against the seat in front of me, my back fully arched to try and get closer to his hand and giving him more mobility that way, but out of nowhere his arm grabbed my chest and pushed it towards him, his hand going from my chest to my neck, strapping me and preventing me from movement leaving me to enjoy all the pleasure, I then vaguely got back to reality to see () was a few seats away , allowing her to have a clear view of what was going on, but pleasantly she seemed asleep We arrived to this small village (Santa gertrudis) where there we lied about our intentions which were getting all the equipment necessary to creating a space ship with massive containers of oxygen in them, mean while we all had a bit a free time in between, () and I decided to go for a walk and we saw 2 drunk guys go behind the s.g hill so we followed, suddenly everyone was behind the hill, Yazmin and () seemed to be the same person in my dream, Yazmin was there and it was like she was hinting things for me to try and confess to what I had done, I denied it all, but she said she saw us together. There was some hot guys there that did not belong in our community but the punishment was to take off 2 of my jumpers and my pants leaving me with 2 tshirts and making a body out of one, when she called attention on me I pretended to be in a cat walk and showed my self off to everyone whilst smiling and walking really sexily, and it basically worked. When all the team was done our last opportunity to go to the bathroom speared, so two members of my team went (Walter & ) but the others thought they were going to leave with the ship, the leader of the team came with his wife which had been in the prison of that village for a very long time, When everyone was there, we all went to the ship and left, but on our ship the team captains wife suddenly started speaking French to one of our radios, sending out the location of the ship to one of the commanders of earth.