Cliffside, Me and young me

Date: 7/31/2017

By kyle_chandler

First thing I remember is christian and I and a girl were walking really close to a cliffside and he and the girl slid and fell almost off the side. They were hanging on about to fall. Somehow I got down and had the girl grab my leg and I pulled myself up to a fence at the top and got her up. Somehow i'd broked the fence and there was a chord running through it. I pulled the chord out and gave it to christian to pull himself up with. They were both saved but then christian went further along the side of the cliff and was holding the chord. I was holding it too and I said if either of us pulls it the other has to pull back or else it'll just give. He was pulling on it and for whatever reason I let go, and he fell right off the edge again, and was caught by nothing, but just floating in the air I ran over to him and got the girl to pull the chord through so I had plenty of slack to run over to him. I got to him and threw him the chord and he pulled himself up. In another scene I was in a place that was supposed to be from my childhood, a skate camp that in the dream i'd gone to but that I never actually went to. My current self met my younger self there, and was counseling and spending time with the younger self. It was very interesting. I can't remember all of the details but I can remember very raw emotions.