The Bigger Giant

Date: 9/21/2019

By UniqueStarque

I attempted to save some people I knew from a huge web where they were made to dance and stand kind of like puppets, all doing the same thing at the same time. I was almost caught in it. As I tried to save some of the people, I awoke some kind of god, but I saw it as more of an enormous giant. He was unhappy that I took his people puppets and so he chases me the rest of the dream. I'll hide, but somehow he always find me. I grabbed some candies that are similar to bath fizzles that supposedly transport you to a random place in the camp if you eat one. So I have a plan to get as far from camp as I can, transport back, then I'll have time to make a place with my friends. i eventually escape the camp like place on the giant's personal horse. He is infuriated. The horse is kind of slow, so I soon ditch it as I leave the camp and now I'm running through the city full of houses. I can run pretty fast, but then I come across this neighborhood full of these huge, ferocious, ugly pitbulls trying to attack me as I run through the neighborhood. It feels like I'm running through a gang owned area. The further I run, the denser the pitbulls. I finally break through the neighborhood and get to my home so I hide in it. The giant catches up and is now outside the house waiting. He knows I'm trapped and is just peeking through the house windows with his huge eyes to see if he can see me. Other family members are there, none that match in real life, and they are mostly unconcerned, more annoyed than anything that I brought a giant to the house. I hide in the bathroom and call a friend who knows how to use the fiz ball candy things. It takes a while to find the right person, first I call the wrong person. Eventually I call him, and he tell me to suck on the little candies inside the big candles. I do what he says but nothing happens. So now I try to hide somewhere else in the house, but he sees me. I try to quickly hide in a very very small and contained space before he sees, but he finds me. First his huge hand reaches through the little entrance, then a female-like body with black long hair stretches and pulls it's body to the entrance like it's make of rubber, completely unatural and pale. It looks right at me. I know I'm cornered. Next scene. Now the giant, a friend or two of his and myself are traveling back, the rest of the dream I cannot remember very well.