Swimming pool

Date: 6/19/2017

By kaizerspirit

There's this swimming pool and someone is shooting a music video and I'm not allowed there. When they go into the water, they can come out the other side into another pool or the exit. But before that I'm at a strange version of my jurong house, isab is upset, some people in the house when I go get her a tunnel, they find a toto ticket that isab's father bought for me and they are sort of sitting in dada's study room from Chua Chu Kang. This pretty girl is judging me for being at the swimming pool. She stares at me as I try to leave. These two guys from work don't want to tell me what music video they are shooting at the pool. I exit to an mrt station, jurong east. I'm holding some sort of chicken bone and soup. There's a woman doing yoga on the opposite platform. Then there's this woman in black wearing a mini skirt, I look at her legs and she gets irritated and tries to cover up. Another woman has a vpl but when I look at it, I realise it's the top of her head.