Felt like a GameMovie

Date: 3/31/2017

By jxmxnajxo

Huge building with restaurant next to sea. I'm a waiter in real life thus I worked in that restaurant. Big wave destroys windows takes almost everyone with him. Waking up helping the few who are left. Noticing that huge parts of colourful marble/mosaic are missing from inside the building. Earthquake begins. To find the others' family and friends need to get out of building or you'd die from the collapse. Inside two men are looking for one of the survivors they blame for everything...want to kill him. Running through the building to find a way out....meeting a few new survivors. Like in all movies they need to make it hard and get emotional waiting for others...want to be left behind. Outside of building the missing marble/mosaic is sticking to the ground or trees creating a way for us to follow to find the other people. Woke up in reality. I have a lot of horror, thriller or disaster movie dreams like people could really produce new stuff based on it.