Date: 5/16/2017

By samtheham

the dream started on some sort of weird ride I was on, but the details are foggy. afterwards I had to go with this group, like my class, to some ceremony. I had to get dressed up and shower and everyone else had already done it so I was running way behind. when I was trying to shower there were windows and these boys were watching me. then somehow they unlocked the door and a shit ton of people were in this shower room with me and I was trying to cover myself and stay low. the shower was weird, like a large circular pool with a little nook for showering. it was huge. so there's all these people in there and I can't shower so I'm running even more behind. finally I get someone to tell the principal so he comes in and says "you thought it was right to get into the shower with a naked young lady" blah blah blah so everyone leaves finally, I finish and run out to this clothes rack with dresses I've never seen before, but dream me seemed to remember. so I grab a dress and then my mom's driving me and I get there, go to put on my dress, surprise it's an xs shirt somehow. I run all the way back, get a real dress, but by the time I get there it's over. and supposedly it was really important. my classmates were talking about our places and somebody mentioned me being a chameleon, I don't know what that means, but dream me did not want to be it.