Alligator in the tub

Date: 5/29/2019

By SilentNight

I was in the shower and it must of been clogged or something because the water was rising. I looked down and seen this shadow in the water. I thought I was tripping but then it moved again towards me and I saw a tail. I hopped out so quick and this lil head pokes up from the edge of the tub. I grab a towel and as I back away the baby alligator crawls out and up walls and shit. As I get out the door and close it it tries getting out. At this point I’m buck naked towel done fell off and I’m tryna keep this door closed. For some reason there was like a nature ranger or some shit at my place and everyone’s acting like this is normal. They get the alligator out and the thing tries coming at me again. They say it’s fine and it starts chewing and biting my arm like a dog does. The teeth don’t really hurt. And i guess that’s how I got a pet alligator who acts like a dog. It’s one of the weirdest dreams