We the snakes and wolves

Date: 6/12/2017

By wanderingSnake

Going to a museum with family we wandered around to marvel at the strange oddities placed in glass cases there the display cases this time seemed to focus around snakes and gold jewelry and ornamentation. soon into the museum I discovered that half of the building had been converted into a shopping center, this pissed me off so I argued with the shop owners about how dare they infringe on a sanctuary of knowledge and they should be ashamed of trying to peddle high heeled stilettos in a museum of all places. The shop owners would not leave so I left the conflict bitter and decided to look at other parts of the museum. Down a strange corridor I found a room that was just grassy hills under a night time sky. There was a gathering of strange tribes people scattered over the hills communing over their gods, they believed that they were part man and part animal. More specifically half were part serpent and half were half wolf. The serpent people had scales and snake skin adornments and the wolf people had furs and wolf ears. My family and I decided to stay and learn about the people scattering ourselves amongst them. The snakes showed us their mighty God a massive serpent at the bottom of the hill it spoke of how we ourselves may adopt its scales and become like it. The wolves I watched from a circle of their children, two of their elder warriors showed us how to kill a zombifiyed wolf and how to remove its skull with our hands without getting infected by its desease. Fascinated I stayed the evening till I started to become like them shedding scales in dawns light.