underwater family and candy

Date: 8/13/2017

By lesbolivia

i was grocery shopping with my siblings and parents and i was gonna buy like, candy but also healthy stuff so i put in one pineapple and like a slice of kiwi and a few wild strawberries alongside the 10:- chokladbiskvier mom got mad at me for it though i kept drinking coffee around the store? like different kinds that werent full coffee, like ice coffee which was hot and sweet when i had to pay i asked her to scan two of the empty ice coffee packets etc, same with apple juice? my siblings went off to get a bit more candy and came back with a GIANT bag of at least 5kg so i had to interrupt paying and go fix it then i was going to jonathan's house and i was supposed to be younger but i had travelled in time or w/e i held erika's hand and so bc she ran she accidentally fell when i stopped to take off my shoes. she was fine but i said 'oh im sorry are you okay?' and i heard her mom going in the kitchen that she hated having these freaks (my family) over and that i was a disgrace and only ever hurt people i hid in the bathroom for a while, found my siblings and told them at dinner dad said that we were some indigenous water species?? and brought up how in his underwater hut people hung up smth to symbolize what they wanted - his mom had wanted ???, and he had wanted it to be clean he never got to say what i wanted but i had these figures all around, apparently then i said how i had overheard erika and jonathan's mom and how it made me really sad