My Life

Date: 5/2/2017

By JoshuaMorgan2002

It seems that I am living in a dream where sometimes emotions control me but I like to believe that in the end I am the ruler of my mind but there is no way of knowing, I don't honestly know why I'm writing this, even now I imagine a life that is beyond my reach. I'm sure once this dream ends I will find out who I really am for surely this isn't the person I am, it is all a never ending dream that my mind has induced, I don't see the point surely there was a reason for disrupting my real life and replacing it with this strange world I am forced to live in. I have no idea whether the people around me are also prisoners of this mundane world or whether they are mere apparitions. I have lived my whole life with them yet I know nothing about them, and my mind gives me limited storage for memories and information of this world where I live free yet also held in place never going forward yet unable to turn back, my mind is my warden and he is cruel and yet so amazing, I am awed at the complexity and yet simplicity of this world where I am stuck, away from my own world. I shall end this now, for its time to go meet my cruel world of beauty and apparitions with glee and despair as the warden sees fit to chain me with these emotions, thank you mind of mine that gives me this time to be truly empty.