Cruise Ship

Date: 6/23/2017

By escapismdarling

I was put aboard this ship with twelve other people and after we where in the middle of the ocean the operator started giving everyone instructions on how our seven days adrift was going to work. the first day we where all told to get to the highest point in the ship and wait. he arrived with a notepad seconds later. he explained that our first trial was to jump down and catch a rope, swinging above the entire length of the ship. I was determined so I went first, the rope made my hands hurt like hell, but I hung on and completed the trial as directed. a couple of people could not hang on, so they fell and died on impact. after everyone was done we where told to go to our room and get rest, because tomorrow was going to be more difficult. as I went into my room alone I realized that maybe this was just like SAW and we where all here for a reason and that freaked me out. I tried to text my boyfriend but the service dropped immediately. the next day I was dragged out of my room and placed in a line again, this time on an area that looked like it was made of plastic. these eight people began complaining about what was in front of them. it looked like a children's play place that stretched over ten feet, but down below there where men with chainsaws. I went first again, and maintained eye contact as I jumped and crawled platform to platform. when I reached the end I stood and held onto a handle. other people started to make their way across but the men started their chainsaws and laughed. that scared the onlookers and they scrambled to reach the stopping point in a hurry. the chaos ended when two people where on the same space in the center and one pushed the other off into the blade of the chainsaw. the area shook back and forth violently and I had to hold onto the handle until my knuckles were white. when it stopped four more people had fallen into the men's blades and where shredded alive.