Unexpected Moment

Date: 6/15/2017

By usaelis

Hi this is my first time I wrote my dream here. Well it's quite rare that I had dream when I took a nap but who care? Let's just start! I sat on a chair but in school field. I saw many people there. I guess I'm in a party or something like that. The first strange thing was I called by a girl in front of me and she so damn beautiful. I mean she's super hot like a model. But I really don't know her in my entire life, I never met or seen her in real life. (-- I think she's my imaginary girl I want to be? who knows? --) Okay back to my dream again~ She called me and asked how pretty she was. I told her that she's super pretty and said that she's being looked by some handsome guy there. I feel like she's doesn't have any confidence in herself even tho she's so damn beautiful. After that the strangest thing showed up! When I had a quick glance to left, I saw D.A aka Dylan Almond. (-- Sorry I can't give you his real name because it's privacy ofc but trust me his initial is true lol --) Let me tell you a little informatiom about him. He was my junior high school friends. He's super popular, I mean yeah he has a handsome face and nice guy. Even though sometimes he's like a brat who likes to prank someone but I know he's good from his attitude towards girls. He's the leader of a bad boy group on my school. Honestly he was my first crush on my junior high school. How come? When he and his friends tease me and I was angry so I chase them. But in the end, Dylan suddenly come after me and said he was sorry with his charming smile and so sincere. That is the first time that I met someone who's really gentle and make my heart doki doki lol. I never forget that moment was. After that, I just his friends. Not even close one because I'm not a popular girl. I just a cheerful girl but popular cause I'm not pretty. Now we are already a college student. I don't even know where he is right now. I never contact with him since we graduated from junior high school. Yup, the truth is I kinda miss him tho hahaha. But I'm happy I can met him again in this dream. So let's just continue my dream. Dylan in front of me and suddenly asked me if I remember this song and he's start to sing. I kind of remember that song and start to sing with my heart (-- I really want to remember what song it was but unfortunately I can't. I just sure it was an old song with english lyric and there's a high pitch in there, moreover I forget --) He grabbed my hand's and start to dance with me. It feels like in movies or in prom night. (-- I never going to any prom night cause I had a kidney disease which is nefrotic syndrome so I should stay in my house until I recover --) I told him "Hey, Dylan i think you get the wrong girl here. If you looking for her *the beautiful girl was* it's right there" I turn my head to back but she's already gone. Now it's only me and Dylan. I feel super embarassed and start to blush //// . My heart racing like crazy. I tried to loose my hands from him but instead he grab my hand tightly and pull my body more closer to him. OMG our face are so close right now!! He whispered slowly in my left ear "This is the girl I was looking for a long time" and smile to me again. Oh God, I feel like I want to nosebleed. He's super goddammn handsome! Like a prince. Puffff, I woke up after that. I still not believe how I can dream about him even tho I barely remember him. I think God just reminder me that he was my first crush so dont forget about him? or maybe something else like will meet him soon?? Hahaha hope so. So what do you think guys?? Anyway, thank's for give your time to read my dream. I hope you had a great day and have a nice dream guys, God Bless~