swimming, cursed object, clothes

Date: 5/19/2022

By rembrandt

had multiple dreams again. some i already forgot but a memorable one was this massive yacht party, cruise liners etc all on the sea in a procession or something of the sort. i was there with all my old friends, and was swimming in the pool on the top deck. swimming, but it was also some kind of drawing room like those art chat rooms. so i drew a bit, kamille etc. i remember koji was there and he took my hand and we swam together in unison like water dancing or something. then i remember more people came and started not only drawing, but animating. so people were creating animations while swimming. i think shelby was there too, i remember diving in. it was fun. next dream was of a guy who ordered a magazine from asia, japan or hong kong. i was in his perspective but he was looking through the magazine and saw some sharp metal object sticking through some of the pages, he kept turning the pages to see this object had punctured most of the pages and basically has ruined the magazine. and then, he turned the page to where the item was, it looked like a metal urinal but also like a clamp or something. but also he believed it was some kind of ancient artifact. it looked like some kind of medieval torture device. a note fell out with it, but it was in a foreign language. so the guy got out his google translation app and translated it. apparently the object was cursed, and the only way to get rid of the curse was to send the object to someone else, so the person who sent this apologized in his note because he was scared of the object. the guy turned on the news and saw that a man had died in hong kong from a unknown death, he looked into it online and many people were saying it was a curse. so he freaked out and tried to think of who to send it to, he remembered his acquaintance who loved to collect artifacts so he sent it to him. it was then sent to someone else. can’t really remember what happened next, but i remember trying to think of a good way to get rid of the object, send it from a PO address and then close out PO box so there’s no return address. but would that break the curse? dunno. at one point i remember the guy meeting with some other friends to discuss the cursed object and who to send it to. just remembered another dream where i had a birthday party and was somehow friends with a lot of popular girls, must’ve been HS, but i think all the girls were made up. i was brought to a big house and someone brought me upstairs to put on popular girl clothing, went downstairs to see everyone and they were all like awwwwww but it felt condescending so i went back upstairs and changed into something i usually wear: my plaid skort, puffer, can’t remember what tee. then went back down and everyone seemed disappointed but ok with it if it’s what i wanted to wear. i went back upstairs again to change but can’t remember into what. that’s all i remember from this dream. i think it might’ve turned into the swimming dream. definitely before the first two wrote about