Killer Dream!

Date: 9/13/2019

By CalMehJuly

Dang, I got stabbed in the stomach. Blood is gushing out of me. I'm slowly losing my vision...I wake up in the hospital and a guard who's a guy tells me he will protect me. How did I get stabbed you wonder? Well...its a short story.... It all happen when I was with my boyfriend who was a few years older then me. We were a romantic couple (I get that alot in my dreams lately #ALONE) We were walking around in my collage campus. Our relatipnship was secret. I told him about my day. He listens nicely as always and we stop in a small square room surrounded by glass. It had 2 portraits hanged up. It was night time and we see a man wearing a dark hoodie. He attacks my boyfriend. They fight each other. The scary man that looks like my age grabs a portrait and hits it on my boyfriends head. The picture got ripped and my boyfriend keeps on trying to win the fight... I try to help but i stand frozen in shock The man sees me. He notices me. I try to punch him in fear and defence but he got iut a knife I was so afriad. but he did it He stabbed me My boyfriend on the ground in anger unconscious maybe But theres no maybe that I got stabbed....... Who was it that stabbed me I wonder? Who? who? Who.... any questions or comments? Write it then please!! Thank you for reading!!