The crazy dad

Date: 8/22/2019

By LadyRachel

I got picked up by Vinny at the restaurant on Eisenhower. I sat in the way back of her black Jeep because I didn't want to get she seats muddy. She was explaining to me that she had to go pick up Joey from I think it was the doctors or councilors idk at 12 annd the time was 1140 at night so it was dark. I also remember I had a hard time finding my way to her. I kept saying how dark it was. We parked near the old Willow trees right by Joey's house and there was alot of other people there just hanging outside and I think during this part it was light outside again. I was East dropping on this what looked to me like a father and daughter relationship. And he was yelling at her for smoking cigarettes. He was like "you wanna smoke cigarettes why don't you smoke that one right there" and I mocked him talking to Vinny trying to be funny. But the man got louder and started yelling at the girl that he was going to get out his shot gun. I looked at what he was doing and I seen him pull out a fainted redish blanket and a shot gun was folded into it and he aimed it at his daughter. I watched everyone there watch as he pointed at the daughter for a min and then aimed the gun towards the sky and shot off two rounds. I quickly ducked down behind Vinny's van. And I looked over and Vinny and for some reason Ricky was there now and they looked scared. No one tried to move out the way or stop it. I heard the man speak out and say " damn now everyone is going to call the cops on me" At that moment I looked over that this little girl. She had blonde hair with two little blue strips of hair going down along the sides of her face. I mouthed to her to call the cops and she just smiled at me. At this point he started aiming the gun at other people and all the people around us started to panic. The little girl darted across me to the left right into a clear opening when the gunman had full range on her. I heard the gun shot again and the little girl flew back about 5 yards and landed hard on the ground. She didn't get up after that and I woke myself up