escaping from zombies

Date: 8/2/2017

By judyp17

so there i was woke up and find myself that the world had been taken over zombies! just like the walking dead i ran to a jail nearby doging many walkers! and without hesatation i pulled a lever releasing many zombies and killing other non zombie people... i managed to go inside a window to get inside while other people following my lead .. i ran in and out a door and another to the point i got out the jail and found myself going into a candy shop where there was a girl as a cashier... she knew the zombies had taken over, but none had came in. but it turned out that when i was not even a minute in the store zombies found us. she had a gate in there (i didnt even question why there was a gate inside a candy store) and we began to push we could not hold it and she told me to hold on and she was going to drop some sticky liquid candy she had in a barrel. i couldnt hold the gate and i had to dip and run! not seeing clearly i had stepped into some liquid and was making me go slow i could feel my heart pounding but a guy came out of no where and pulled me out just in time because more zombies were coming and some trampling onto the zombies who were already in the goo. i ran quickly and say more of the candy goo on the streets with zombies who got cuaght ing it. i was to scared to even look down that i had accedently tripped and fell face first into the goo. i knew i was gone for.. and i was pretty upset knowing that i didnt even servive not even 24 hours into the apocalypse. and thats when i woke up sweaty from my neck and face ._.