I'm a gay mess (swearing and death)

Date: 1/21/2017

By sound-board-controls

so it was an apocalypse setting I think - and there were these monsters that were coming after me and my family. We had to kill these monsters and so we went into my grandma's gun collection (setting: The dining and staircase to the basement of Grandma's Downtown house, the closet from her Lake House and the basement from our house.) and we all got one or two guns. first monster: it was quite ugly. he got into the dining room and some random little kid (b) went to spray him with wasp repellent which got into the monster's eyes and stopped him for a hot 3 seconds. so then I grabbed another can and a lighter and set the monster on fire. (all while there are still like, 7 people around the table with actual guns.) second: the memory of this one is a bit more fuzzy. I was taking a break because I had just killed the last monster and so dad went to kill this one. it was taking a while, so I went to check on him and he was like, stuck in that foamy type of glue and he tells me to run. so I fucking book it back to the dining room and apparently all I grabbed was a sprayable honey??? idk I guess I thought it would slow them down. I run back to the staircase where the monster is and he is wearing a bee keeping outfit and he's climbing up the stairs. so my first reaction after he saw me was to push him down the stairs and immediately spray him with this honey crap I first I aim for him eyes because apparently that's how he sprays the foam glue but that means he's not stuck to the wall so I start spraying the honey at his hands so it sticks and eventually his hands and torso are stuck to the wall (kinda has the properties of Spiderman's web). one I run out of honey the beekeeper starts moving again so I shriek and yell that someone needs to get their gun and load it as I ran back to the living room. as I'm coming in, someone is running out with a machine gun and all i hear is like 30 shots being let off. Third: It was this really pretty girl - pale skin, black hair, bright blue eyes - absolutely stunning. she came into the room and of course my gay ass was useless because I was just in awe of her badassery, shooting tranquilizers at my friends and family. I got out of my trance once she looked at me and I went to look at someone else like 'omg she noticed me' and I realized they all had little darts in their necks. I grabbed the closest hand gun (so I could run) and somehow I got to the basement and I ran to the back and hid. while I was hiding and she was coming down the stairs I asked her why she was doing this and she said her father wouldn't accept her unless she killed someone (she pulled out a gun at some point I think) and so I started talking to her to calm her down and also to distract her and give me time to figure out how to use a gun and at one point we both saw each other and we both set our guns down and started walking towards each other. at one point we were standing only inches away from each other and I was lost in her eyes because they were really really pretty and we were about to kiss when she grabbed one of the darts out of her pocket and started trying to stab me with it. in my backing away and dodging her, I grabbed the handgun she set down and I shot her in the side. she then fell down and I caught her and was telling her that I had to kill her not just hurt her and she was pissed off and told me to do it quickly or she'd have to kill me first and I shot her through the head and then I woke up.