💢To Be Served or to Serve

Date: 8/16/2019

By UniqueStarque

I'm in a large house where the wealthy head of the household is treating me like a guest and one of him, being served by his maids and servants. As we're about to leave the house to go horseback riding, I tell my horse to kneel so I can easily get on it. The horse kneels obediently. I get on, he stands, and the rich man notices how well I handle a horse, I must belong to his class of wealthy people. But then I command the horse to kneel again so I can get off. I walk away. I do not feel comfortable in this upper class. I don't feel like one of them, so I go to the servants quarters, and I don't feel like I belong there either. I'm confused and slightly pained by the feeling of not knowing where I belong. But then the servants are kind to me and I learn I prefer to work alongside them in difficult jobs than to be served with the rich class where I feel I have to put on an act.