Date: 7/8/2017

By clairegearhart

I had a dream that I was this super ripped guy but I was competing against bill nye for some YouTube thing. So I'm going out to work out but bill nye wants to come along. I say no and leave, but while I'm riding my seat feels really tall and I cannot break for some reason. I'm panicking and I end up crashing in front of a group of coyotes. They all come at me and I remembered something about always staying still she a group of coyotes is coming at you. So I did, but then they came and laid on top of me, and when a claw dig into my skin or something that made me uncomfortable I would move it hut that would make them more angry. So I slowly moved out from under the pile of coyotes and booked it (I wasn't that far away at all) back to the place I left from and made it home safe. I walked in and said something like "I'll never do that alone again." Then I woke up.