My execution and ascendance to heaven

Date: 8/10/2019

By randomdreamerguy

I had to be executed by the government. My parents were there and ms wong was the one who explained how it was going to happen. I suddenly realised then that I very much did not want to die, and wanted very badly to keep going. It was terrifying to me that I was about to die. I was shown the method: I would be stabbed with a sword while in a cylinder then I would fall backwards and have something in my neck crack. They finally did it, and I realised I was still conscious and didn’t feel pain. My parents seemed surprisingly unfazed by all of this. I decided to play dead because I thought maybe it hadn’t worked and I could break free and live on the run, but then I suddenly felt weaker. I told my parents I loved them even if it doesn’t...but then my voice trailed off and I couldn’t make any more words out. I immediately went to this world that seemed pretty similar to the real world. I was confused. I went to a guy nearby and asked where I was, and he said heaven. At first I thought this might be like an eternal lucid dream, but I soon realised everyone else there was just like me. I had a little dissapointment at first, because I was about to try and have sex or something, but then I realised this could be cool. I started meeting a lot of really nice dead people. Lots of stuff happened in heaven. I remember there was this creepy lady with a “baby” in her stroller and the baby talked like an old man. There were also many old men. There were some bikini wearing young women too. I realised most people here are probably older who died naturally. I saw one of them didn’t glow as brightly (we were all kind of ghosts that you could somewhat see thru and we all glowed) He said that older men can’t be as bright. I interpreted that as meaning the time he spent in heaven. I eventually discovered I could go back to the real world so I talked to my parents, but I was sucked back into heaven after about a minute. I soon gathered that I could have a couple of these trips, but then they would run out. I also realized I couldn’t use my phone anywhere. I asked my parents if they’d told my contacts that I’m dead. They said no but they would soon. Towards the end I found some place where some people were alive and some were dead. I said I was worried when I died that I wouldn’t get to hear about the real world anymore, so I was happy I would now. They said they’d tell me I think. I also met a nice dead boy there, who had been dead for a while. He asked how long I’d been dead and I said a week, and that the email hadn’t even been sent out yet. He was surprised. I believe we flew or something a bit in the dream. He also visited a mailbox I believe. At some point I said I was actually pretty happy now and definitely at my high end. He seemed surprised I was so happy. Something also happened in an airport I think. I was djing. This may be related to this dream because I believe I played something while I was alive but when I was dead I could only play songs with thin masters or something idk.