Digital art, A vampire coven led by a woman who can make anyone do what she says, including celebrities, invites a famous YouTuber to their house and reveals their true nature, but assures him that they never harm anyone and leads to a relationship between the two.

Life and death of a vampire pt2

Date: 7/13/2017

By kittykatdreamer94

Fast forward a few years and my mom has gotten married and I have learned to cope with my new life her husband doesn't like me but doesn't know I'm the undead just that I work at night so I need to sleep during the day and I never go outside he thinks I'm just some weird goth night he lashes out and threatens us both with a gun he ends up killing his son accidentally then in a fit of blind anguish decides to kill us all he tries to shoot me and hits my mom instead I quickly get the gun from him and drink his blood I then go to my mom who has been hit near the heart I tell her let me try to save you it'll be a hard life but we can make it please mom let me help you she reluctantly agrees and I bite my wrist and let my blood flow into her mouth she grabs it and starts drinking but it seems to be to late I stay there and cry for the first time since I died and it was tears of blood the only liquid I had in my body anymore I wait for 2 days as the bodies start to decay to figure out what I'm going to do I decided to take what I need and burn the house down with them in it on the beginning of the third night my mom wakes up much like I did with a lot of change she looks great I help her feed for the first time and help her with her powers each seems to be different as I had the power to make people do what ever I say and have them think it was there idea my moms major power was to be lucky very very lucky she won the lottery 6 times over 12 years we ended up very well off we even started our own sports team we brought more girls into our sort of coven and started a swim fighting team being that we are all very fast and don't need to breath it was a logical and smart thing to get into we beat many teams one night though a team screwed up and one of there attackers had diarrhea really badly in the pool in which we made there team not only pay for the maintenance of it for that but also made the team it's self clean it out and refill it, one night I got really excited and one of my favorite people ever was performing in a play with some of his friends he was going to be the sexy guy that marranda in mrs.doutfire ends up seeing his name is Mark but known by many as markiplier seeing as I can make anyone do what ever I want I get back stage passes with a meet and great and I talk to him and I use my power and suggest that he wants to come to my place alone and get to know each other better and possibly do more he then asks if I was busy and if I wanted to go to his hotel with him I say we could go back to my place it's really not far from here we do just that and end up drinking some his friends tag along because it's a house full of hot chicks and mark is still with his girlfriend and they don't want him to do anything he might regret but they all end up hooking up with someone from our lovely family even though they are all married Mark decided he never wanted to get married and that he was happy just being with someone but I suggested that he wasn't happy anymore and was going to leave Amy in which he repeated that to his friends and I later his friends shocked are like are you sure and he says yes we end up in my bedroom together and have a wonderful passionate night together the next morning he wakes up and see me and is happy he goes and looks out the window and sees that it's been painted over he then gets back into bed and wakes me up and asks what time it is I tell him it's about 9 am he says oh ok and leans back in bed I some at him and ask him if he regrets last night and he says no for once he feels like he hasn't I giggle and smile at him I prime him to tell him what I am he asks do you want to go out for breakfast I say I can't I never go out during the day I sit him down and hold his hand he says goodness your freezing he wraps his arms and the blanket around me and holds me close and then apologizes if he stole the blanket all night I kiss him and tell him it's ok I then tell him I have something important to tell him and he a little shaken says ok and asks you don't have an std or anything do you I reply no nothing like that but I do have an illness all of us here do I lean up to his ear and ask him if he senses anything different about the house or the girls here and he says he thinks it's odd all the windows are painted over but other then that no you just all seem like very goth and that's cool to each there own I tell him I like to have sex with people mostly celebrities that I find attractive and he is flattered I tell him I've watched his channel since 2015 and end saying that with your videos were one of the last I watched before I died he smiled and then he stopped and asked when you what now ? I said died he laughed and was visiblely nervous I tell him I'm a vampire then show him my fangs he then is like ohh your like a fetish model and I say no but that's sweet you think I'm model material I tell him why don't I order us some breakfast I call down to the kitchen and order a number one and a letter b and within a half hour there is eggs and waffles and coffee and toast for him and a nice warm bag of blood with a straw for me he laughs and says what is that tomato juice I say nope it's blood donated of course I don't kill for my food it's not ethical he then asks to taste it I say you won't like it he says if it's a Bloody Mary I will I laugh and say I don't know who's name this came from he takes a sip and instantly runs to the bathroom and spits it out and stands and watching me as I finish my bag I told you you wouldn't like it he runs for the door and I lock it from the bed with a flick of my wrist I stand up and walk slowly over to him and he cowers and begs me not to kill him I say I told you silly I don't kill anyone no one here dose we're a coven of vampires but there are rules he starts to worry about his friends I tell them they are fine and that the girls they are with are non killers as well and they won't be told what's up I only told you because I don't want to start this relationship on lies I reach my hand out and pull him up and hug him I promise you no harm will ever come to you when your under my roof he is shaken but says he's never met anyone who was like me even pre vampire and says that he would like to go out with me I tell him immediately now I have others I am with but since I'm dead I can't contract any stds or anything and for him not to worry we talk more and he and his friends leave and he gives me his number and private Facebook and we talk for months and he finally leaves his girlfriend and moves not far from where we live and vampire accomadations are made.