travelling with old cat, driving school shortcut, coffee and cake

Date: 5/22/2017

By headFeed

My first dream had something to do with travelling from the north to our house. I was at misawa base and met an old friend bryanna, we talked and i was eating to wait for my dad. we got in the car and we were heading to the beach. my old cat who passed away, chiko is with us and shes having a hard time. we stop at a old looking village and theres dogs everywhere playing in the sand that blew in from the nearby beach. i brush my teeth and something from the car let water out so i used that to gargle and spit it out on some grass inbetween two houses. someone starts smoking near our car snd the smoke gets into it. i start wafting the smoke out of the car because my cat is hacking and coughing. i wake up. im at yokohama with my family after some big event and we want to check out the driving school im gunna go to. we take a shortcut underground under lots of overpasses and i go downhill in this sudden rural area where its grassy and not a city. its very steep and narrow going down but i make it. im very far ahead of my family but keep going. theres a big grassy field at the bottom and a path along the edge of a steep hilly and dense forest to my right. i follow the parh and it ends. i see a house not too far and someone gardening infront of it. i attempt to climb the area that the path stops at into the forest. the lady is suddenly right next yo me asking what im doing and i say to her that this is a shortcut. shes very young maybe about my age. shes just curious and seems like she never left this strange place stuck in the old times. i look back to see if my family caught up yet and i see them at the top of the hill, theres huge dense but barren tangled up tree branches at the top, blocking the view of the city we were previously in. i try climbing the hill again and see a rock formation that looks like stairs. i assume it broke and grab onto it. the lady keeps watching. i keep trying to lift myself up but now this little thing of hill im trying to climb leads up to a modern looking house. its this ladys house. even though the house i saw her gardening infront of was an old looking house? i still try to climb to find some secret in her modern looking.. stone carved? house. i forget why im here at this point. my parents caught up and we decide to go home. theres a path going through a town now with similar stone houses. i wave goodbye to this lady and i see her as an anthro.. dog?? cat?? she has white fur and a dress thats pink?? light blue?? and a big ribbon with bouncy clothes. i ask her if she has a line and now i see her as a really pretty japanese girl but with kind of blank eyes. when i asked her her face goes from happy to kind of upset and i dont get her contact. i check line anyway when i get home even though the town is still what i see. i see someone sneaking into her home who is apparently my assistant? a tiny mouse thing. she sneaks in and plays the ladys animal crossing game, trying to get info of her to give to me even though i just want her line. i decide ill visit again later, but should i go the way i left the town or through the strange narrow amd steep path down.. i wake up. im at uni and i have a coffee cup from home. my digital imaging prof lets us on a break so i go get more coffee. our uni finally has a coffee maker we can use for free. i get some coffee and it even has a bunch of toppings we can put in. i put in tapioca, macha beans, cinnamon powder, edible toothpick things with mushrooms ontop, i see its missing some coffee so i look for the whipped cream or creamer but cant find it. i drink all the coffee and sit down with two girls. we talk and we have a great time. theyre putting some very colorful makeup on while we chat and the girl infront of me has some yellow green pink and blue in lines under her eye but it turns out its from her food. she asks me what my nickname is and i say my name is so short you cant really shorten it anymore. she says something about her nickname. tia or something like that. they keep talking and i realize im well over the break time so i excuse myself. this large guy from my class is still hanging out here so i feel alright. i eat a whole plate of cake while heading to class. i see him and say hi and he says he really enjoys the big thick foam cups our uni provides for soups, but people use it for coffee instead. i grab one qnd put coffee in it to drink it in class and wake up. lots of coffee and cake in a dream on my birthday, nice.