flying + fluffy pillows (lucid)

Date: 10/14/2016

By laramc

I was in my backyard, unaware I was dreaming, it was raining. There was this gap in the clouds, and my dad told me if you stood out the front, you could stand in a spot with no rain so I went out the front and stood in a warm, sunlit patch where the rain didn't hit. Suddenly I had the urge try and fly, so fly I did. The smile that broke out on my face was HUGE! I was finally having another lucid dream! I flew and flew, then realised I should try and touch something, to see how it felt and to keep my lucid state. There were these huge fluffy pillows in the middle of a meadow, so I flew down and landed on one, well, more like fell and rolled all over one. Then I continued my way in search of a room, with no one in it. There were many people on this little field but I managed to create a little building that I walked into. At first, this little girl was in the room, but then I got her out, I tried to summon the guy I've been crushing on for ages, but haven't seen in almost half a year, I wanted to talk to him, get confident around him, so next time I see him, I don't feel so nervous. Unfortunately I woke up, somewhat, I didn't open my eyes but I was aware I was awake, and could not get back into the dream. I'm honestly just happy I had another lucid dream!