Date: 6/12/2017

By poppyseed008

Part of this dream was lucid, but I don't remember what that part was about. I do remember feeling like I was about to wake up a couple of times, so I did what an article I read said to do: I turned around in the dream, and it seemed to help. The part of the dream I do remember, which wasn't lucid, was at Camp Wayfarer. I was working there again, but this time, I had done something wrong. It had something to do with exposing campers to mono - Probably had something to do with the health form I filled out earlier yesterday. I was kicked out and I had to go on some sort of quest with a few other counselors to be able to come back. When we came back, the other campers and CITs didn't like me and I felt like I was doing a really bad job.